Sunday, 5 April 2015


4. Proposition:Hollywood produces great movies, but they don't always tell the truth even it based on "True Stories" Provide at least two premises or counter arguments for the proposition. Write in complete paragraph

Nowdays, Hollywood produces many box offices movies that are so interesting and there is also many movies based on a true stories. But, actually they don't always tell the truth even it stated that the movie is based on "true stories" Hollywood director is very good in deceiving people. They change the storyline and add many extra scene to make the movie look epic and awesome. In fact, there is no evidence to support the "truth" about the movies, but viewers tend to believe it. For example, nowdays there many movies about muslim's prophet such as Noah and Exodus kings and Gods. Both of these movies are claimed as based on "true stories' and many of the non-muslim believe it and eventually it can cause Islamophobia because of the story. In fact, the stories are not original because the "true" scene was changed and being replaced by a scene that make our prophet, Noah and Moses as a bad guy. There many more movies that being changed because they want to fulfill the demand of the viewers, not to tell the "true side" of it.

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