Sunday, 5 April 2015

Baby for Sale (Black market Baby)
Question 3

From my point of view, I'm totally disagree with the statement because we talked about human's life not thing. Yes, Indeed, now days money is everything and people in this modern civilization are more likely materialistic because with money, they can survive from this cruel world. But the question is, can money buy happiness? the answer is NO. why I said like that? This is because there's a lot of ways to acquire happiness. In the statement given,it stated that now days,babies are being sold to rich people because they can't have their own children. This is totally illegal in Islam and considered as Haram because this is involved a human's life. Besides, this baby-for-sale is like a human trafficking and it is totally illegal in many country such as in Malaysia. And for rich couples that doesn't have their own children, they can just adopt the babies at any orphanage in this country.

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