Sunday, 5 April 2015

My View After Learning Critical Literacy

5. You have almost completed this semester, so, how do you view Critical Literacy now? If you have any comments and suggestion, please do so as it helps for the betterment of the course as whole.

After learning Critical Literacy for about four months, I found that this subject is not quite hard, what we need to do as students is to put an efforts in reading and try to understand and practices because practices makes perfect. Other than that, I found that this subject is quite interesting because it helped us students to use full potency of human's brain. Then, this subject also boost my interest in reading. The students can gain knowledge by just knowing other people perception. This subject taught me that I cannot rely on opinion when making a statement, and when looking for justification for my premises, I should know whether the author is credible or not in which depending on their education, achievements, experience, job or position and reputation. Overall, this subject teaches us not to believe everything we read without questioning it. Last but not least, I hope that I can score this subject and get A's from it and can increase my GPA

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